Pricing and Purchasing Options

PDFTextStream is free to use in single-threaded applications. Once you deploy PDFTextStream licenses to your deployment environment(s), you may use it without limitation on as many threads as your application demands and computing resources allow.

Further, only PDFTextStream licensees and holders of active PDFTextStream support enrollments have access to pre-release patches and hotfixes, as well as a direct connection to us for technical support.

PDFTextStream may not be redistributed under any circumstance, except with an OEM license.

Purchasing Options

We offer a number of ways to purchase PDFTextStream licenses:

Buy Online

If you need one, you can request a quote by sending an email to Please include:

  • Your organization's name and address
  • Your telephone number
  • How many PDFTextStream licenses you require
  • How many years of support & maintenance you would like your license(s) to be enrolled for

Satisfaction Guarantee

We guarantee that you will be happy with your purchase of PDFTextStream. If you aren't, let us know within 30 days after your purchase of a PDFTextStream license. If we can't resolve the problem, we'll be happy to issue you a refund.

Please note that PDFTextStream is free to use for single-threaded applications (you can download it over here), so you should evaluate it thoroughly prior to your purchase.

Pricing Information

Each PDFTextStream license authorizes you to use PDFTextStream in one deployment server / environment. Therefore, for each server on which you intend to use PDFTextStream, you must purchase a license.

The pricing for PDFTextStream is very straightforward, and is the same whether you are deploying to a single- or multi-CPU server or a virtualized instance in your datacenter or the cloud. View our complete price schedule.