Using PDFTextStream from the command line

PDFTextStream provides a useful main(String[]) method, allowing it to be used from the command line. The main method can be used with a command of this form:

java -cp [classpath] com.snowtide.pdf.PDFTextStream [pdfFile] [optional outputpath]
The classpath needed to reference all of the jars required by PDFTextStream should be provided here. For more information on how to properly construct the classpath, please refer to the classpath portion of the section Setting Up PDFTextStream.
This parameter should be a path to the PDF file to be read. It can be a relative path (i.e. ../pdfs/someDocument.pdf) or an absolute path (i.e. C:\pdfs\someDocument.pdf). If the file path that is provided is found by PDFTextStream to not correspond to an existing file that is readable, then it will output a message to standard out indicating this fact, and exit with an exit code of 1.
[optional outputpath]
This parameter should be a path to which the text read out of the input PDF file should be written. Any file that exists at the given path will be overwritten. If PDFTextStream cannot write to the given path, it will report an error to standard out, and exit with an return code of 1.

If no output path is provided, then the text read out of the input PDF file will be written to standard out directly.