OEM Partnerships

Some of our most challenging and rewarding work is found in partnering with other software and solution providers that integrate and redistribute PDFTextStream and other Snowtide components into their own products and services.

We are always looking for new partners that will enable us to expand and refine our offerings, and open up new opportunities for everyone involved. We strive to work out equitable arrangements with our partners that recognize the value that our products bring to their offerings while maximizing the return on investment in Snowtide technologies. More to the point, we are happy to structure our partner licenses in a number of different ways:

  • per-sale or revenue royalties
  • royalty-free perpetual licensing
  • royalty-free term licensing
  • quasi-reseller arrangments
  • ...and we're always open to new ideas!

The point is, we try very hard to fit into our partners' business model, not the other way around. And, regardless of the model used, we provide the full depth and breadth of our support and custom development services to maintain our products' superior functionality and support our partners' specialized needs.

To begin a dialogue about a potential OEM relationship with Snowtide, please email us.