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Three steps to PDF data extraction success with PDFxStream

  1. Download a PDFxStream bundle below, or configure your project to use PDFxStream from our Maven repository if you're using Java/JVM
  2. Request an evaluation license file via the nearby form 🡆🡆, and add it to your project so that PDFxStream will discover it (place it within a classpath root, or in your application's current directory, or use one of the other license file "registration" options listed here).
  3. Copy-and-paste code samples from the home page and throughout the detailed PDFxStream technical documentation to get results fast.

At any time, you can email or chat with us if you have any questions at all.

License Agreement

Whether you download a PDFxStream bundle, or obtain PDFxStream through our Maven repository, doing so is acknowledgement that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by the PDFxStream license agreement (included in all downloaded bundles).

Download bundles

PDFxStream bundles contain everything you need to evaluate and use it: binaries, sample code, and extensive documentation.

Current release: December 10, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.9.1
md5: f6b3d35fdb25ff960cb89f8fa73c5631
PDFxStream for Java — v3.9.1
md5: 390ede53d2a3236609a849722e301063
Looking for older releases?

Archived bundles

Much older PDFxStream builds going back to 2005 are available upon request for customers with active support & maintenance enrollments; let us know if the build(s) you need aren't available for immediate download below.

April 13, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.9.0
md5: a8091299c4750ad016b5a0a16a288d81
PDFxStream for Java — v3.9.0
md5: 7294e090286975017ef1436bfb88ce96

April 02, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.8.1
md5: de49d9e9144d30b90dac58c5c373703f
PDFxStream for Java — v3.8.1
md5: 1131e357274683f7c1fccb7ea2cf633f

January 11, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.8.0
md5: 1169f27dbbe92e1897f9b3a650246f7e
PDFxStream for Java — v3.8.0
md5: b4629978089b55ce753fb2a66f7b5264

May 02, 2020

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.7.5
md5: 311b0407eeab6650d6efac26631734c2
PDFxStream for Java — v3.7.5
md5: 022075bec7a27805c5f3a5b0c2ff1073

April 26, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.7.2
md5: e5ae3ad6bdf2bc40da1d369e20d3618d
PDFxStream for Java — v3.7.2
md5: c832be587648ecb73b0b6403d030465e

April 26, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.7.1
md5: 2887ec526958daa92aa304b4de058326
PDFxStream for Java — v3.7.1
md5: 2e0e45419cea3c90e4427c56f72cefc9

April 26, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.7.0
md5: f8b797238a6a63ba58e840ab0dca2d65
PDFxStream for Java — v3.7.0
md5: 3c285e012d98203b083980476ec88045

July 20, 2018

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.6.0
md5: 43fefe28abc67ca349f9261788f84374
PDFxStream for Java — v3.6.0
md5: 91bf362e8c667477434eadf299aeea84

July 25, 2017

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.5.0
md5: e5209b4549bce0a6bfb284f4209c973e
PDFxStream for Java — v3.5.0
md5: 02a2572a55e220fe4779dba98393eeb1

December 06, 2016

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.4.0
md5: 3598718cfb87c7b7eb78436822ff29be
PDFxStream for Java — v3.4.0
md5: ac4aea812c4db710ae3fd950f721ba6a

June 30, 2016

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.3.7
md5: 94b603607c21f59d4857aef2a12aba91
PDFxStream for Java — v3.3.7
md5: c3821e21ea08f17f8ab3b1686b71f939

June 08, 2016

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.3.6
md5: 538678044e9fd9d969a560e6de306ebc
PDFxStream for Java — v3.3.6
md5: ed02f390e14abcd2bf15d64ab5df100e

May 17, 2016

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.3.5
md5: 696aed56f738048b3ac6cb63cc6e27cd
PDFxStream for Java — v3.3.5
md5: 0d51e6f58c132b4d2a9bf3effaa2895b

March 08, 2016

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.3.1
md5: e95835f8851c7dc4d17a641c70ed9a7d
PDFxStream for Java — v3.3.1
md5: 62419b168e8e7fa045b2dc20f0c85c51

December 17, 2015

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.3.0
md5: 74af9c3913d1aac15c1d3823d6d59478
PDFxStream for Java — v3.3.0
md5: a2436dcaa7b9731a31ef9f6e9e6caae5

September 30, 2015

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.2.1
md5: e2add183af3d06308d39123126803fa8
PDFxStream for Java — v3.2.1
md5: 130cda186ce208e5904bef4767cf1fe7

September 10, 2015

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.2.0
md5: c41b7917cc3d4b03dedfbef9835b1b14
PDFxStream for Java — v3.2.0
md5: fd3fab2d7811df7898b2b746f2dc29de

July 16, 2015

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.1.3
md5: 9cd29dc52bc0c07fe9d45d8c665dc1e7
PDFxStream for Java — v3.1.3
md5: be902958962697fac0a420362a0693a0

January 13, 2015

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.1.2
md5: f48cbddd9d49872ce68dc6d26ba76be7
PDFxStream for Java — v3.1.2
md5: d5d8ad21fcebc46698c67cd9430871f0

November 07, 2014

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.1.1
md5: 691e3251cdbe99266bcc061c8a2757eb
PDFxStream for Java — v3.1.1
md5: ee391ca8da99c7d16a2672c2d5d17a51

November 06, 2014

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.1.0
md5: afdae419559171db4e93ca7a2180f2b5
PDFxStream for Java — v3.1.0
md5: edbea0b4777d4d514125c34f86a763ef

February 06, 2014

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.7.0
md5: 78e525f438a1ef9c58974cb378c02b86
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.7.0
md5: efcd094431db16f06e7d5459f5f410ec

July 19, 2013

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.6.4
md5: 9942b1371d8ddc1e047861f97d330906
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.6.4
md5: 99dcbcd42dd3a5c3895a01f8daff59b8

May 28, 2013

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.6.3
md5: f028c79bff0c314c6ecc4e2d5c0801a7
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.6.3
md5: 598d375f6859c3e63c2ec7d0bb271e10

March 29, 2013

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.6.2
md5: 9edfc076fe5a555da7dcbb60a083d651
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.6.2
md5: 8d235ea3427c9d924deb33bfc386912c

January 18, 2013

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.6.1
md5: c980cffcee8a3f7d8f0fe998d440b51d
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.6.1
md5: ceccf80d2f5fc338a4dfb0a811c97dac

October 10, 2012

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.6.0.1
md5: d9ef6b459b955055c4f8e2f10a7136dc
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.6.0.1
md5: 38aacb88c6423f742b781c88d7f9974a

August 02, 2012

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.6.0
md5: 3b8e9382fc01b84ae507ee8df67f7c2b
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.6.0
md5: 2d01d212592a8dbc692ec23a0965bc8d

July 10, 2012

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.5.0
md5: 101303cb6afde2d7605f74bcccd3fdf9
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.5.0
md5: c00a9407a9d1fce78b28670bc7ff94fe

November 13, 2009

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.3.2
md5: 29195cfa57165f3cffd664f1f2c359c5
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.3.2
md5: 30cae276a3c5eba81820533ed4438dfd

September 24, 2009

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.3.1
md5: 6c166364c48681e04f1a1a2a41ec261b
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.3.1
md5: ef3f75017925bfde36adfac5d506b8cf

April 22, 2009

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.3.0
md5: ede399dcf3ad7c496f363d6139146a88
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.3.0
md5: e9332f89e9a5af216c9fe84b189f9b8c

December 16, 2008

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.2.5
md5: d90b98f1fdde18ab146300e52212fa6c
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.2.5
md5: 07f4c78cb5016fc0a46fcb3ba42f37ef

May 08, 2008

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.2.1
md5: 19297884e62cf6b680a4aa627009cec1
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.2.1
md5: 8088dbf639ab02d3a3e1c0aceaa35333

January 22, 2008

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.2.0
md5: 0bfbdc319190f1fb74cc17730ab8f4f1
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.2.0
md5: 9ecb7b999322548858385c23231adaab

September 04, 2007

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.1.6
md5: 40b7a967e9812f5a8a0f79dc49fc378b
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.1.6
md5: fc5793071d0812e118e4ac9da582ce3b

July 31, 2007

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.1.5
md5: 8031e2232db4ccf0d18e8c466c5ec15a
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.1.5
md5: 1e21f064712d94947c9d0b47efbdf5ea

June 26, 2007

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.1.3
md5: e7b600ed8a62c47e8e9a45369cd512ef
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.1.3
md5: 4e79b8f7e7a1478d5c44dea79a450cfe

May 11, 2007

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.1.2
md5: 431ce03066fc0c4af65fe7623724e8fd
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.1.2
md5: 891e449da7d9a6704c96625fffc16e3c

April 17, 2007

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.1.1
md5: 510bcd379fde6685d7e53f33f4d0fb47
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.1.1
md5: 95d674093ead9d35d1d2297ece273623

April 05, 2007

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.1.0
md5: 6acd7e1d88d5dc9bc67ef2bb95d4417d
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.1.0
md5: 5992e3709ae77b56644b04fe93056b77

March 28, 2007

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.0.5
md5: e13fb10a7ea1a2c13cc12bed7cd14bbf
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.0.5
md5: 9ee9e7c6a3917b8638005cd5db4ee48a

December 07, 2006

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.0.2
md5: ad65125dfdf91ef75fbd02ae70e3b58d
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.0.2
md5: 2439e1c8ac57d7b4eee8b2b5dfebcba4

August 30, 2006

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.0.1
md5: 9e8feb8700985813e7e4d3ce9ff24c4e
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.0.1
md5: 0e5dd19d840d22843671f07c12ac5771

August 15, 2006

PDFTextStream for .NET — v2.0.0
md5: da81dd2bd2a0722d4dfc21fa21399890
PDFTextStream for Java — v2.0.0
md5: 43dda9a47d644c5d9a0133e2db217783

November 17, 2005

PDFTextStream for Java — v1.4.0
md5: 8907348343c5130981d0c74e484939f5


The complete PDFxStream changelog is included in every download bundle. It can also be viewed here.

Maven Setup (Java/JVM only)

If you want PDFxStream for Java (or any other language on the JVM: Clojure, Scala, Groovy, JRuby, Jython, and so on), you can add it to your project via our Maven repository and be up and running in seconds.

Add our repository to your pom.xml (or other Maven-compatible dependency-management configuration):


…and a dependency on PDFxStream:


All older releases of PDFxStream are also available via our Maven repository; just change the version number as needed.