Get PDFxStream

Three steps to PDF data extraction success with PDFxStream

  1. Download a PDFxStream bundle below, or configure your project to use PDFxStream from our Maven repository if you're using Java/JVM
  2. Request an evaluation license file via the nearby form 🡆🡆, and add it to your project so that PDFxStream will discover it (place it within a classpath root, or in your application's current directory, or use one of the other license file "registration" options listed here).
  3. Copy-and-paste code samples from the home page and throughout the detailed PDFxStream technical documentation to get results fast.

At any time, you can email or chat with us if you have any questions at all.

License Agreement

Whether you download a PDFxStream bundle, or obtain PDFxStream through our Maven repository, doing so is acknowledgement that you have read, understood, and agree to abide by the PDFxStream license agreement (included in all downloaded bundles).

Download bundles

PDFxStream bundles contain everything you need to evaluate and use it: binaries, sample code, and extensive documentation.

Current release: June 15, 2023

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.9.6
md5: c1d72e925fbbb91ed4db9a206e695ee4
PDFxStream for Java — v3.9.6
md5: e680a6a37f14394e603f20a28ba78f16
Looking for older releases?

Archived bundles

Much older PDFxStream builds going back to 2005 are available upon request for customers with active support & maintenance enrollments; let us know if the build(s) you need aren't available for immediate download below.

October 05, 2022

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.9.5
md5: 3e86bb834b5e08dd18373fc09ece4e93
PDFxStream for Java — v3.9.5
md5: f7b8b7fc0a54c1fdb46ceca846c2279d

August 03, 2022

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.9.3
md5: add2d025bc82f0ba84d08789a6439b69
PDFxStream for Java — v3.9.3
md5: ad35dd0640ae2824ad93a6054d1737a3

December 10, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.9.1
md5: f6b3d35fdb25ff960cb89f8fa73c5631
PDFxStream for Java — v3.9.1
md5: 390ede53d2a3236609a849722e301063

April 13, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.9.0
md5: a8091299c4750ad016b5a0a16a288d81
PDFxStream for Java — v3.9.0
md5: 7294e090286975017ef1436bfb88ce96

April 02, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.8.1
md5: de49d9e9144d30b90dac58c5c373703f
PDFxStream for Java — v3.8.1
md5: 1131e357274683f7c1fccb7ea2cf633f

January 11, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.8.0
md5: 1169f27dbbe92e1897f9b3a650246f7e
PDFxStream for Java — v3.8.0
md5: b4629978089b55ce753fb2a66f7b5264

May 02, 2020

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.7.5
md5: 311b0407eeab6650d6efac26631734c2
PDFxStream for Java — v3.7.5
md5: 022075bec7a27805c5f3a5b0c2ff1073

April 26, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.7.2
md5: e5ae3ad6bdf2bc40da1d369e20d3618d
PDFxStream for Java — v3.7.2
md5: c832be587648ecb73b0b6403d030465e

April 26, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.7.1
md5: 2887ec526958daa92aa304b4de058326
PDFxStream for Java — v3.7.1
md5: 2e0e45419cea3c90e4427c56f72cefc9

April 26, 2021

PDFxStream for .NET — v3.7.0
md5: f8b797238a6a63ba58e840ab0dca2d65
PDFxStream for Java — v3.7.0
md5: 3c285e012d98203b083980476ec88045


The complete PDFxStream changelog is included in every download bundle. It can also be viewed here.

Maven Setup (Java/JVM only)

If you want PDFxStream for Java (or any other language on the JVM: Clojure, Scala, Groovy, JRuby, Jython, and so on), you can add it to your project via our Maven repository and be up and running in seconds.

Add our repository to your pom.xml (or other Maven-compatible dependency-management configuration):


…and a dependency on PDFxStream:


All older releases of PDFxStream are also available via our Maven repository; just change the version number as needed.