PDFxStream is used by companies and governments around the world to process billions of documents yearly.

These are just a few of their stories.

GWAVA's Retain Archives and Indexes 5,000,000 PDF Documents Each Day with PDFxStream

GWAVA is successfully using PDFxStream to enable its Retain email archiving and retention solution to archive and index millions of PDF email attachments each day. This pairing enables GWAVA to deliver to its customers more comprehensive and capable email archiving processes that comply with corporate auditing requirements and government regulatory measures.

"Snowtide is the perfect fit and solution for GWAVA users. Throughout our extensive testing, PDFxStream proved itself to be far and away the best PDF content extraction solution available on the market." Charles Taite, CEO & Co-Founder, GWAVA

Reporting Requirements of U.S. Congress Leads The National Institutes of Health to Implement PDFxStream

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is successfully using PDFxStream to automate the text extraction process for thousands of archived research grant applications in PDF format. The process is enabling the NIH to feed its content analysis systems with thousands of archived grant applications, and in turn generate more accurate funding reports required by Congress.

“We ended up not using any of these open-source APIs because they could not provide the functionality and the quality technical support we needed,” said NIH Senior Software Engineer, Mark Yu. “By the time the project is complete, [PDFxStream] will have saved us thousands of man- hours, while also improving text extraction accuracy.” Mark Yu, Senior Engineer, NIH

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Zinio Delivers Digital Magazines to 3.5 Million Readers and Powers Search with PDFxStream

Zinio uses PDFxStream as the foundation of its digital magazine and book search features, which index every issue of every magazine from over 250 publishers that are digitally distributed to over 3.5 million readers each month.

"PDFxStream reliably gave us the best results [of the PDF extraction libraries we tested]. It worked well with our foreign language documents." Douglas Kadlecek, Director of Engineering, Zinio

PDFxStream Chosen by State of Michigan, Deloitte and Touche to Support Key PDF Reporting Features

The State of Michigan has deployed PDFxStream to support essential reporting requirements in its revamp of a key statewide service delivery system.

"Working with Snowtide was a very positive experience. We will recommend PDFxStream to other projects with similar needs." Chris Weiss, System Architect, State of Michigan